About Water and Salt

Juan and Saki (owners)

Water and Salt is a specialty Water Purification & Health Store in West Sacramento, California.

Our main focus is providing the best Water available such as Alkaline and Purified Water by the Gallon and a specialty Medical Water called John Ellis Water. By using refillable containers we  promote less waste as the bottled water industry creates serious environmental issues for the planet.

We also focus on carrying only the best nutritionals on the market today. Products that go beyond Organic Standards which are now set by the USDA. Many individuals are not aware that so called products labeled with the USDA ORGANIC symbol allow up to 3% of insecticides and pesticides.

At Water and Salt we strive to search for the best plant based vitamins on the market today. Why do so much research when we can do it for you? Not only do we promote a healthier lifestyle we do our best to do so ourselves as well. We are a small local family business that tries our very best to demonstrate true genuine interest in all of our customers. Following are some of the core aspects and products we endorse in our business:

We promote healthy living and the consumption of Raw Foods over processed foods. We will soon offer test kits called “Health Through Mail” by Ejuva and additional Test Kits by Life Extension which help determine which vitamins and minerals your body is lacking.

We encourage customers to have themselves tested even before purchasing whole food supplements and vitamins. After testing we will help put together a program and diet specifically designed for you. Some of the core companies we work with are Healthforce and Ejuva “Health through Mail Program.” Healthforce is perhaps the most highly respected plant based vitamin company ensuring all their products are beyond USDA organic standards.

We also carry Himalayan Salts for eating and bathing along with Salt Lamps used for helping with allergies and counteracting electro-magnetic fields. Detox kits are also available for those wishing to cleanse their bodies of toxins, heavy metals and restoring gut health.

We also carry Herbal Tinctures and Herbal Teas and we make specialty tonics using Chinese Medicinal Herbs. We also carry specialty low acid Coffees infused with Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake and Shitake mushrooms which help boost the immune system. Also ask about our Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet which can help you lose up to a pound a day with intermittent fasting. Learn how Healthy Fats can prevent diseases like Alzheimers and Dimentia.

As a side note we carry Gunther’s Ice Cream in the Store along with Merlino’s fruit freezes. We also make Hawaiian Shave Ice using Real Cane Sugar and we offer flavors with no artificial coloring and flavoring. We do not use any high fructose corn syrup when making our syrups. We try to serve local products that have the utmost reputation in the greater Sacramento area.

In addition we also open stores for Individuals interested in opening a similar business and who have a passion for helping people and living healthy lifestyles.

Come check us out and continue living a healthy lifestyle

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