Coffee We Use

We blend 2 kinds of coffee.  Both of them are 100% Organic.  It takes to brew 16 to 18 hours.  Here is the information on our coffee.


Enerhealth Nutricafe

100% Certified Organic Arabica Beans and freshly roast them using proprietary roasting process to infuse them with the powerful immune supporting properties of our custom cordycep blend.  The final result is a gourmet, organic coffee with no mushroom taste that supports your immune system with every sip.

  • 100% Certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

  • 100% Arabica Beans – Vienna Roast

  • Infused w/ a Powerful Blend of immune supporting mushrooms

  • 100% Gluten Free


Equal exchange Cold Brew

Having access to some of the world’s most pioneering coffee producers is a beautiful thing. We forge strong, inspiring relationships. We also source sweet, unique coffees to roast and share with our customers. Often we highlight these coffees solo, as a single origin. But we also know that combining origins can result in blends that are delicious in their own right, where different attributes from the origins complement each other and play off each other in new ways. Cold Brew was born out of this type of experimentation and this year evolves as it becomes a blend of three delicious origins.

  • Aroma: chocolate syrup, raisin, pipe tobacco
  • Flavor: sweet, chocolate liquor, blueberry jam
  • Mouth feel: syrupy & round

Both of these are available at our store for purchase in bags.  Come check it out on your next visit.