Bulletproof Mocha (Iced or Hot)

This is where we talk about our own special  mocha that is bulletproof as well. Of course we will ask you to read about Bulletproof coffee first and after that you will see the added benefits to our Bulletproof Mocha either cold or hot.

We begin by adding a wealth of ingredients that can also upgrade your life.

First we start with a raw chocolate powder considered to be of the most nutritional in the world. The chocolate we use at Alka Pure Water & Health comes from of region of Ecuador called Arriba Criollo.  Considered the world healthiest chocolate it comes with an array of other benefits.  Chocolate of course is an amazing antioxidant and one of the worlds most amazing superfoods. It is great for stress relief and improving moods but also has been shown to repair damaged arteries thus improving your heart health.

After this we add a chocolate tonic loaded with good stuff such as Astragalus, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, Reishi and much much more. All herbs that not only strenghthen your immune system and help you adapt to different types of stress but also are considered herbs that increase your longevity. We top off the Mocha with Cacao Butter instead of Grass Fed Butter to still give you the healthy fats but also to give it a richer more chocolaty taste.

Lastly customers can choose from coconut palm sugar and low glycemic sugar or xylitol thus making it great for diabetics watching their sugar intake. We invite you to come in today to try this amazing concoction of health.


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