Green Smoothie

Our Green Smoothie has become one of our staples here at Alka Pure Water & Health.  We wanted to create not only a smoothie but an amazing Meal Replacement giving people a Healthy choice for lunch and dinner.

We live in a society were we do not have many health choices.  Surrounded by fast food chains and restaurants that do not offer organic produce and meats can be challenging when trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  With that in mind we created a green smoothie using the best products on the market today.  We began by choosing a plant based multi-vitamin considered to be one of the most respected companies in raw nutrition today called Healthforce Nutritionals.

Healthforce standards are above USDA Organic Standards with the guarantee their are no insecticides and herbicides in their green multivitamin. Among other brands we use Enerhealth Botanicals who also believe in extremely high standards along with Sun Potion products.

We combine these highly respected companies to our smoothies to make the most complete smoothie and meal replacement we could possibly hope to create. On top of that customers can add superfoods of their choice to their smoothies to design them specifically for their needs.

Come on in to try our amazing smoothie today.

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