Bulletproof Coffee

Whether you’ve heard of it, read about it or maybe even tried it, Bulletproof coffee is all the rage lately. But why has adding butter to coffee become the new cream and sugar?

An energy boost without sugar that boosts, metabolism, burns fat, improves mental cognition, builds muscle and much more.  When we add all of this to all the other ingredients like the right kind of coffee, butter and coconut oil we have the most amazing coffee ever.

Dave Asprey, the creator of the small company Bulletproof Coffee that popularized the concoction of coffee, butter and MCT oil, claims the high-fat diet can lead to weight loss. How is this possible? Dave Asprey first learned about this in Tibet 18,000 ft above sea level in -10 degree weather.  He was given a cup of yak butter tea and immediatly felt rejuvenated.

When Dave Asprey got back home, he began researching butter, tea, types of fat, how fat affects your brain, etc.  He began experimenting in his kitchen, looking to recreate that mental and physical boost he felt after that mug of yak butter tea. He eventually moved away from tea in favor of coffee (not that he does not like tea; green tea in particular is great for you.) If you don’t like coffee, try swapping it for green tea. During his research and kitchen experiments he discovered a lot of powerful science around coffee, butter, and Brain Octane Oil. We will break it all down for you here:

We will first help you understand the benefits of drinking coffee that is low in acidity and free of certain molds in coffee that can cause serious health issues.

Recent studies have found that 91.7 % of green coffee beans were contaminated with mold. Green coffee is unprocessed, and coffee will often grow even more mold during the processing procedure. Most facilities do not clean their tanks between batches of coffee beans therefore mold grows at the bottom of the tanks, where it contaminates the coffee.

Coffee mold then can create mycotoxins, a toxic byproduct that has serious health related implications. Studies have linked mycotoxins to brain damage, weight gain, cancer, hypertension, kidney disease, and numerous other health problems. This is why you will want to think twice about the kind of coffee you drink. In the United States the FDA’s standards for mold and toxins are some of the lowest in the world. In other countries, such as Japan and various other countries in Europe, coffee is rejected then forwarded to countries like ours.

Here at Alka Pure Water & Health we select coffee with high standards that begins with the growers to the processing of the coffee.

Studies also show that caffeine can be beneficial in improving your learning by up to 10%. It can relieve headaches and migraines by constricting blood vessels in the brain that are opening up too wide. This is another reason drinking coffee in moderation is something that can improve your brain performance. (In further blogs we will discuss a topic about you brain on caffeine.)

Now onto upgrading your coffee. Once you have selected a coffee that you can trust let us discuss the other  things that Dave Asprey discovered through a great deal of research about what you can add to your coffee to further increase your brain’s performance.

Grass Fed Butter is full of high quality fats and nutrients. Cows were meant to eat grass not factory farm lot feed. Eating factory farm lot feed turns cows in unhealthy animals and that is the last thing we want to be putting into our bodies. Grass Fed Butter is high in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin E, and antioxidants. You can see the difference in butters, grass fed butter is a bright yellow color, while farm lot cows butter is pale and colorless almost. Lack of color means lack of nutrients. Grass fed butter is also high in butyrate, a short chain fatty acid. Studies have shown that butyrate can both prevent and decrease inflammation in humans. In other studies it has been shown to protect against mental ilness, improve body composition, increase metabolism, and improve your gut health. In conclusion there is much reason to add butter instead of cream to your coffee. Yes butter is the new cream.

Now onto Brain Octane and why we should be adding this to our coffee. Brain Octane is basically upgraded coconut oil. It is a purified form of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil called caprylic acid C-8 MCT oil.  Our bodies are able to more easily absorb this type of MCT oil and convert it to Ketones.  Ketones are little molecules that can fuel your brain instead of glucose.  Brain Octane is pure C-8 MCT oil thus it has 18 times the C-8 of regular coconut oil. One tablespoon of Brain Octane is equivalent to drinking 18 tablespoons of regular coconut oil.  This type of oil is so much more efficient than regular coconut oil as it bypasses the liver processing entirely and gives you a rapid energy boost.

Come on in to Alka Pure Water & Health and see for yourself how drinking this coffee will make you feel.

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