Hawaiian Shave Ice

Ice-based dessert made by shaving ice. What makes our shaved ice so special is our ice made from Alkaline Water we make right in our own store. In addition we make our own syrups for the shaved ice using only real cane sugar. No High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in our flavors.

In addition, we carry Premium Natural Flavors in 7 amazing flavors, which contain no artificial flavors or colorings.  We were thinking of you and your children, when making these flavors available (they don’t stain your or your children’s tongues !!!)  In the future we hope to add a few flavors for diabetics using a healthy plant-based sugar with no negative side effects like Splenda (alzheimers and dementia) or that cause spikes in your sugar levels.

Because of it’s snow-like shape, it helps syrups added to it to be absorbed by the ice, rather than the flavors just going straight to the bottom of the cup.

Also try it with the amazing Gunther’s Ice Cream, condensed milk & Mochi Candy (our specialty Hawaiian Style)

People come from all over to try this one!!!

You will be amazed!

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