Cleansing and Detox

Did you know that our bodies contain up to 25% pollutants?  Shocking, isn’t it?  Well, we fill  our bodies with toxins by eating and drinking the wrong things. As well as breathing polluted air and being surrounded by so much electricity.

We live in a environment where most of us are not connected to the earth anymore.  We are more connected to our electronic devices than we are to are planet and our own families.  Because most of us live in cities the amount of exposure to pollutants is extraordinary. Thus our bodies require supplementation to account for our bodies exposure to unhealthy foods, air, water exceedingly large amounts of electricity and radiation.

We must proactively detoxify ourselves on a regular basis. At the very least all of us should do a whole body detox every 6 months to cleanse our bodies.

Come on in to learn about what products can help you to Detox from the most dangerous chemicals and toxins that are preventing your body from healing itself. We carry plant and organic based products such as zeolite clays, fresh water algaes. We also carry  organic herbs and ocean greens. We also carry parasite cleanses.

Personalized attention is what we specialize in and showing love and concern for our community and customers.