Energy & Health Supplements

We carry a variety of organic and plant-based health supplements to help you with all types of health issues. We focus on health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and allergies.  As well as inflammation, men and woman’s hormone health, detoxification products, intestinal health, energy levels, acid re-flux issues, stress and much more.

Many people today have realized the importance of leaning towards a more plant-based diet allowing our body to heal itself and strengthen our immune system. Individuals are tired of having to rely on prescription medication, which work temporarily, but unfortunately causes a great deal of other health issues in the long term.

The problem is that most of us are not getting the right type of nutrition due to the fact that even the soil used to grow organic fruits and vegetables has been depleted of essential minerals and our choices for healthy food are also limited.

Most people think they are just lazy or lack motivation, while in reality, it is their deficiency in vitamins and minerals that is the root cause of their health issues.


If you want to assist your body in staying healthy and live long fruitful lives come on in to check our specialty plant based nutritionals.  They are considered by experts to be the best plant based health food vitamins on the planet today.

We focus on looking for the best plant based nutrition so you don’t have to. We want people to live long and thrive even as they age.

Come visit Alka Pure Water & Health and together we can encourage each other to stay healthy and to live long and prosperous lives. We were not meant just to live, but we were meant to thrive.

We look forward to assisting you in encouraging and teaching you how to eat the way we were intended to.  By choosing the right plant-based health supplements for you, we can also restore health.