Longevity and Immunity

Want to look younger and live longer?  Who doesn’t!  We can help you, just order these products and achieve your goals.

We now live in a world so contaminated by pollutants that we have no choice but to supplement our health with plant based nutrition. Longevity is desired by all and who wants to grow old and not able to enjoy our twighlight years. Tribes like the Hunza in the Himalayan mountains average a life span between 120 and 130 years. How do they do it? Here at Alka Pure Water & Health we strive to learn from the best research conducted and latest research based on plant based nutrition. How do these cultures live so long and how is it that women in those cultures are still having babies into their 70’s?

Well through thorough research and in depth studies we can now emulate the types of diets and water they have consumed for centuries. Various individuals such as Patrick Flanagan who have researched the Hunza water and John Ellis who have designed systems that purify water beyond what we thought was possible can help us to understand the importance of water in our diets.

Here at Alka Pure Water & Health we strive to bring you the latest and most advanced methods in water and diets in order that you and your family can fight the effects of pollution and unhealthy diets of this world to live long and disease free lives the best of our abilities.

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