How our Alkaline Water is made?

Stage 1:- Water travels through a pre- one micron filter pad to further remove suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cyst, dirt, sand, rust and other undissolved matter.

Stages 2-3: Water travels through a special blend of calcium carbonate media that will alkalize/ionize and re-mineralize the water and will produce natural calcium, magnesium and potassium ions that can be absorbed 100% by the human body. People who suffer from insomnia, fatigue, loss of hair, depression, diabetes , High blood pressure, asthma, decayed teeth , PMS, migraines, and heart disease are normally lacking in these essential minerals.

These two stages produce and prevent the following:

Large quantities of hydrogen and oxygen

Alkali Calcium Ionized Water

More energy and higher metabolism rate

Prevents reproduction of germs and viruses

Helps the body dissolve waste in order to dispose of toxins

Stages 4 and 5: Water travels through a special blend of infrared, white ceramic mineral balls and tourmaline ceramic balls. The mixture of these natural ceramics and mineral balls combine to emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR).

FIR causes resonance with water molecules. This specialized movement of water molecules causes ionization of water into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions at an extremely high speed. This is where the term “ water activation” comes from. This of course Ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our circulation and overall health. Magnetic waves reduce the size of the water molecule clusters. This in turn improves water absorption into our cells and increasing oxygen and energy.

Tourmaline is a natural mineral composed of Hematite, a special mineral related to our metabolism. It is also a natural source of negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays. The type of FIR tourmaline emits causes the body to resonate at the same frequency as water to allowing for better water absorption. Also tourmaline reduces water clustering, improves taste and increases dissolved oxygen.

Following: Is a even more detailed explanation of the benefits of this unique formulation of our Purified Alkaline Water @ Water & Salt and further effects of Far Infrared Rays on the human body.

Activates water molecules in the body – Strengthens various organs within the body – Slows down the aging process – Energizes water while supplying superior hydration – Improves the oxygen level in the body – Smoothens the flow of blood and reduce fat, chemicals and toxins in the blood – Reduces toxicity from the body – Reduces the acidic level in the body – Improves the nervous system functionality – Improves oxygen levels in our body

The resonance causes ionization of water into hydrogen ion and hydroxide ions at an extremely high speed (10-12 sec). This ionization is called “water activation.” If such activation of water occurs in human cellular tissues, the metabolism of cells and excretion of residues from cells or nutrition are enhanced. Water makes up the 70% of mass of the human body. Infra-Red and mineral balls is able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen various organs in our bodies when it is absorbed.

In the various organs of the human body, the circulatory system plays an important role, especially in the micro-circulatory system. When there are problems with the micro-circulatory system, various ailments will occur. Infra-Red and mineral balls vibrating at a frequency similar to that of the human body are able to penetrate the body activates cells and reactivates as well as strengthens the micro-circulatory systems. It regulates the blood flow and blood in the blood vessels, which have been blocked due to blood clots and at the same time reactivate the vital energy in the body.

Elevation of the immunity of our bodies against diseases is another benefit of Infra-Redwaves. This is part of the effects of the improvement in the micro-circulatory system and metabolism of the body. It helps to slow down the aging process, increase resistance against diseases and increases longevity.

Infra-Red causes resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition.

Far-infra-red are also used in:

•    Prevention of bacteria growth

•    Relief of pain

•    Softening of hard water

•    Eliminating bad odors in water

•    Strengthening and health improvement

•    Speeding up repair of body cells

•    Balancing of acid level in the body

•    Normalization of blood cholesterol

•    Preventing molding

•    Enhancing and maintain freshness

•    Helping plants to grow better

There is no age limit for using this product. It can be used from the day you are born and throughout life. There are no side effects of exposure to Infra-Red. The real effects can be measured in improved stamina, health and overall good living.

Stage 6: water flows through a post one – micron filter pad (1 micron equals 1/25,000th of an inch), which remove suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved matter.

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