Keeping Good Microbes Healthy Determines Our Health

Have you ever wondered why we tend to never lose weight despite not eating, always dieting or skipping meals?  Have you ever wondered why we get sick so easy and some of us are perpetually sick?  I’m sure some of us have noticed that we feel stressed out all the time and are having to take medications for it.  Oh, speaking of medications, do you noticed that we are having to rely more and more on pills to control our health?

But, I’m sure that you have never guessed that the answer to your health problems and it’s solutions is in your stomach?  Well, lets back up and explain what all of these things mean and how this ties in with curing diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, fibromyalgia and other deadly diseases.

Although you can live without these micro organisms, it performs many important functions for your body.  Some of the important functions include:

  • Fermenting unused energy substrates
  • Training the immune system
  • Preventing the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Maintaining the balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria
  • Producing vitamins for the host, such as vitamin K, biotin
  • Producing hormones to direct host to store fats

But these beneficial microbes can only live in our stomach and small intestines to keep us healthy as long as we are providing healthy, nutrient rich environment.

This is why you need to eat a healthy balanced diet and supplementation to ensure that we keep at least 80% good bacteria in our body to keep healthy.

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