Reason Why We Can Never Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered why we can never lose weight no matter how little we eat?  Are you wondering why all diets tend to fail eventually, even when we cut calories and points from the food that we eat?  I’m sure some of us have noticed that we feel stressed out all the time.

But, I bet you have never guessed that the answer to your weight problems lies in your stomach?  Well, lets back up and explain how gut flora and microbes in our stomach and intestines are directly related to our body’s natural ability to keep our weight under control and what is causing unnecessary weight gains and how this ties in with curing diabetes and other deadly diseases.

In addition to Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, other diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer, asthma and multiple sclerosis have been linked to changes seen in the gut flora.

Diet is probably the single most important factor influencing the gut microbiota. Animal studies have demonstrated that changes in diet result in changes in the gut microbes, and human studies have confirmed these findings. A healthy diet with low-fat, high-fiber has been linked to a more diverse and better gut microbiota compared to a diet rich in fat and low in fiber. Research has also shown that human gut microbiota adapt and shift when exposed to a plant-based diet compared to an animal-based diet within a few days.

It has been suggested that physical activity is also a significant influence on the gut microbiota. Smoking cessation also likely influences the gut microbiota.

But these beneficial microbes can only live in our stomach and small intestines to keep us healthy as long as we are providing healthy, nutrient rich environment.

This is why you need to eat a healthy balanced diet and supplementation to ensure that we keep at least 80% good bacteria in our body to keep healthy.

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