What makes our water different?

Our UNIQUe Process

What is Hexagonal or Structured Water and what makes both our Purified and Alkaline Water so unique?

At one time all the waters of the earth were clean and pure. Because of the contamination of our water supplies in our oceans, rivers and lakes water can nol onger carry the life-giving properties that is was designed to provide. Because of contamination, water today must be purified before attempting to restore it to its natural state. To do this, we begin by re-structuring water.

Also referred to as hexagonal water, structured water contains molecules that form a hexagonal pattern. It is similar to water that has not been altered by human processes, such as mountain springs and glacier melts. It is believed that water molecules can be converted to form structured or hexagonal water, essentially restoring it to its natural structured water frequency. In the following section, we will focus on the advantages of this type of water for the well-being of your family.

Regular water that flows from the tap is treated to destroy its natural structure, both chemically and vibrationally. The chemical formula for conventional water is H2O, implying that each water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Conversely, the chemical formula for structured water is H3O2, indicating that three hydrogen atoms join with two oxygen atoms to form one molecule. This leads to more energized water with qualities such as viscosity, alkalinity, and denseness. One of the benefits of structured water that distinguishes it from other kinds of water is that its molecules have a greater electrical charge essential for cell functioning.

At Water & Salt we use a combination of vortexes, high powered magnets and over 30 rare gemstones along with specific carbon minerals to restructure and also re-mineralize our water with more than 70 trace minerals. Restructuring of water molecules also allows for better absorption by the human body because of the ability of minerals to bond with the water molecules.

For example, at Water & Salt we use a rare carbon mineral called elite Shungite which is known for its ability to restructure water molecules but also protect us from EMF (electromagnetic fields and radiation).

At Water & Salt not only is the water Alkaline but it has over 70 trace minerals the human body can absorb. For example, one of our ceramic mineral blends has edible 24k gold, as gold is also an element found in natural spring water. Gold itself is an all-natural mineral that is nontoxic and shows no interactions with other drugs and is easily absorbed by the human body. Benefits of gold as a mineral are its ability to help rejuvenate the human body and revitalize us. Both in India and China it has been used anti-inflammatory issues such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism and tendinitis along with boosting immunity and several other benefits.

We also use a rare volcanic element found in the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains that helps return healthy bacteria to water in order to help with our digestive system. In order to ensure a balance of over 70 trace minerals we use a special coral calcium found in Okinawa Japan in our mineral blend to ensure we return water to its natural state found in natural springs and glaciers. In addition, our water always stays in motion using 3 vortexes in our process of revitalizing our water. Our goal at Water & Salt is to return water to its natural state to the best of our ability. By using the elements our planet was designed to use we believe we have achieved the closest thing to natural spring water or glacial water. We like to refer to is as life giving water.

There is even more to how we treat our water and make what we believe to be the only water store in the entire country returning these natural elements in a water store setting. This is done by using a blend of natural minerals, encased in ceramics and over 30 gemstones along with other proprietary methods of restructuring and re-mineralizing our water. We invite you to visit Water & Salt to come and taste the difference and learn even more about our other specialty Water's we serve such as our John Ellis water and our Hydrogen water made with the only medical grade equipment used in hospitals and clinics in Japan along with its proprietary patented technology to ensure the highest and purest levels of the injection of the Molecular Hydrogen into our Water. Every step we have in our store was to continue the elevation of the water we provide for our customers provide water that heals restores and rejuvenates the human body.

(Learn even a more detailed explanation about our Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water and John Ellis water under our water menu and Hydrogen Section.)