Pure Water

Even though recommend drinking Alkaline Water and John Ellis Water as the most beneficial for you and your families health we still provide and incredibly Pure Water for our customers as well using a 12 stage Commercial R/O system with UV ultraviolet light. We have a very elaborate 12 stage reverse osmosis filtering system that takes out contaminants found in tap and bottled water. Another benefit is knowing that our water is not sitting in warehouses for many months before it is even sent to grocery stores. This is true whether you purchase bottled water or have water delivered to your home. The longer water stays in plastic the more chance of your water being contaminated by toxins found in plastics.

At the very least all should at least drink Purified water free of Chlorine Chloramines and Flouride.  Click on the link to learn more about the truth about Tap Water.

The price of our water is very affordable and we sell it by the gallon to keep it that way.

Only 50 cents per gallon! Or get the prepaid card and save money!


100 gallon prepaid card – $45.00 (comes out 45 cents per gallon)


200 gallon prepaid card – $80.00 (comes out 40 cents per gallon)


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