Why More People Are Having Asthma

Have you ever wondered why some of us has become asthmatic?  Have you ever wondered why more and more people have become asthmatic each year, regardless of air quality?  According to the latest news, the whole world has become asthmatic and it is on the rise.

But, I’m sure that you have never guessed that the answer to your health problems and it’s solutions is in your stomach?  Well, lets back up and watch this video explain what all of these things mean and how this ties in with asthma and other disease and how it got started.

A high diversity of gut microbiota during the first months of life seems to be important for the maturation of the immune system,” says Thomas Abrahamsson, paediatrician and researcher at Link√∂ping University, and principal author of the article.

The hypothesis is that in order to function effectively, the immune system needs to be “trained” by large numbers of different microorganisms. In the absence of sufficient stimulation from large numbers of different bacteria, the system may overreact to innocuous antigens it encounters.

A high gut microbial diversity has also been shown to strengthen the barrier function of the mucous membrane.

“We are speculating that a deficient maturity of the immune system at an earlier age and a less efficient mucosa barrier function can open the way to certain types of viral infection that can be linked to the development of asthma,” says senior author Maria Jenmalm, professor of experimental allergiology.

This is why you need to eat a healthy balanced diet and supplementation to ensure that we keep at least 80% good bacteria in our body to keep healthy.

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